Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The weather in here is going crazy.

When I woke up at 6 am today (unemployed people cannot say 'no' to tutoring, even when it starts at 8 am on the other side of town), it was already raining. Decided to reactivate my rain boots, which I promised myself not to wear after constantly having them on for a couple of days in the row back in Roskilde, and happily set off to the center, glad that I wouldn't get wet.

2 hours into the day and it became so hot, I could barely stand to walk (pun intended ;) ). 
I had a flash of 'I should just take them off and walk barefoot', but as I was going to hand in my documents at uni,* I decided against walking into the board's room with shoes in my hands and badly painted toenails out in the open. After uni went to see T, an Indian friend whom I interviewed today, and later had lunch with A, who was pretending to be finishing her thesis at the library. By the time I got to Rue de Paris (a chain restaurant with crepes), I was boiling inside my pretty purple shoes. I took them off the moment I sat down and never put them back on. 

While I was crossing the street in one of the main points of the city, and gathering looks from my fellow pedestrians, as well as some of the drivers (everything from beaming smiles, through ridicule, to utter surprise), I suddenly found myself asking myself a question in my head: "Would you have done that a year ago, before you started travelling the way you do?" And the answer was "Most certainly not!"

And so I smiled to myself and gladiy welcomed this relaxed state of mind that visits you whenever you realise you don't give a darn what anybody thinks, 'cause you're doing your own thing (yes, even if it's walking with your rain boots on your hands, instead of your feet).

.      .       .        .       .      .

Originally, it didn't even cross my mind to write about it. However, have spent the last couple of hours going through some travel blogs and just finished reading a post about the advantages and disadvantages of a year long trip one Polish couple embarked on some time ago. The first thing they say is:

"Above all, we've gained something we might call a piece of mind. It's hard to explain. We stress less about things, there's more patience in us, more optimism."

("Przede wszystkim zyskaliśmy coś co można chyba nazwać spokojem ducha. Trudno to wytłumaczyć. Mniej się wszystkim przejmujemy, więcej w nas cierpliwości, więcej optymizmu."
To read more, for Polish speakers, click here.)

It was so fitting to what I felt today that I needed to comment on it as well. 
Their words express my exact thoughts.
I have noticed that I stress a lot less, I do not pay so much attention to (irrelevant) things, it's gotten easier to just let go, forgive and forget, not worry when it's not necessary (which is most of the time, I assure you).

Although it's quite easy to point the results of the change that has happened (is hapenning?), it really is hard to explain the way feelings and the mind have altered. 
The only way I can put it for now - travelling has given me the skill of chillaxation.

Anyone out there got a similar experience?

*For more information, read tomorrow's post :)

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cabaleira said...

beautiful what you wrote about traveling which constantly changes your state of mind. I've experienced the same change being true for my mind while being already after a travel and somehow comming back to the "reality". Which is in fact the same reality as traveling, it's a part of your precious life, but probably a more valuable one; The being-out-of-the-city most of the last month made me make a promise to myself not to get stuck in one place again. To visit my friends here and there more often, to keep on doing things, keep going on, being active even if i'm lazy in the morning, pulling myself through the day. Traveling brings ease to my life, teaches me more during one day then scheduled life during a month or a year. I could just quote my favourite artist "so to the heart, to the heart there's no time for you to waste, you won't find your precious answers by staying in one place". To make this more private i could just add that i think of getting a part of it tatooed, to remind me every morning when I dress up, that i want to keep on moving, that it's a value for me and that it changes my life attitude towards life. It helps me discover what is important for me in my life, it teaches me making clear points what I want to achieve in life and who i want to be and speaking about it loudly; it's also self-confidence and taking less care about what do people say, it's more smile and patience in life;

I join the video below as the artist has been an inspiration for me for recent months, artist on the road for last 5 or 7 years following the being-on-move-wa-of-life, which is doing your things, seeing as many places as possible & meeting new people.

Magu Bee said...

Although most of the time it's more of a hard work and constant effort to be turning your dreams into reality, luck is needed as well.. So good luck with all your plans Cabaleira!

Thanks for the vids, I love them!