Sunday, August 28, 2011

Almost perfect 36 hours

I'm so so behind with everything and it will get even worse!

I know week 3 and 4 are pretty much missing and there's so much: stories, cool adventures and interesting encounters I'd like to share with you but there just hasn't been time, nor opportunity to be online and do so..

So let me just share with you the last 36 hours.

.     .     .     .     .

A 4 hour hike on a part of the biggest European glacier - Vatnajokull, followed by a 30 minute boat ride among floating icebergs in the Ice Lagoon.

Getting 3 perfectly fitting rides and arriving in Reykjavik in less than 5 hours (coming from Skaftafell).

Within 5 minutes of reaching Reykjavik, seeing a Polish 4x4 you'd previously seen 2,5 weeks ago up in the North. Chatting the guys up and seeing that they're cool travellers, turning their passion into a job. Also, seeing that they're quite spontaneous and setting off for rundur in the center of town (more on it in Icelandic trivia, part 3 - coming soon). Setting an appointment for the next morning at 10am to go to a nearby glacier in their lovely 4x4. Apparently you can actually drive up the glacier. You mention you'd been freezing recently - the guys give you a proper mat, a blanket and a better sleeping bag. Can you have a Hallelujah?

Next morning, 8:30 am. Have a wonderful hot shower and use your favourite shampoo that someone has just left behind (memories of India and your nice hair come back.. damn', you really need to hit the hairdresser's once you're back).
9:30 am. Got invited for breakfast by the Polish lads and have smoked lamb sandwiches, followed by camembert and jam sandwiches, followed by peanut butter and jam sandwiches. You're pretty much full by that time.

Finally get to drive through the interior! (kinda same views as route no 1, though). Finally get on some dirt roads and see the glacier in front of you. Some bumpy minutes later drive on the glacier itself. So it truly is possible to do that! You're hungry so you decide to .. cook!

(Translation: "Good krupniczek (traditional Polish soup) on a glacier.  We recommend the Chez Magda, Grzesiek, Pawel and Antoine Restaurant.")

Going back to Reykjavik on one of the most beautiful roads out there and arrive in the harbour for some lobster soup and fish kebabs. You're still a bit hungry, so some decide to hit the most famous burger joint, others (yes, that'd be me) go for the best prawn sub ever. Like srsly delicious, right Grzesiek? 

You have an 8 am flight tomorrow, so have to get to your hosts place in Keflavik at a decent hour (too bad - there's a music festival and lots of small concerts around!), so the Polish gang offers to drive you to the exit on the highway. Nobody wants to take you during the first 5 minutes, so the guys decide to take you all the way to the Base. You feel so bad, as you haven't even had the chance to take them out for a beer after everything they'd done for you. Grzesiek & Pawel - thank you guys so much for making this last day on Iceland so great - you rock!

You arrive at the host's place - so amazing to be indoors, with a roof over your head, a kitchen and a bathroom at your disposal. Plus, the computer.

Get connected again and try not to think that in 5 hours you have to leave this cosy place and possibly spend an hour walking to the airport. Then again, the plane takes you towards new adventures, so maybe you wanna put on those walking shoes in the end...?

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