Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sometimes sun, sometimes rain

In Reykjavik currently, came for yesterday's Cultural Night - the city's (=country's?) most party day in the whole year. 

The sun was shining, the sounds, colours and smells everywhere - concerts on every street, in the backyards, on balconies; people in thousands, haven't seen so many in almost 3 weeks, seems that the whole of Iceland, plus as many tourists, were here to have a good time; food in and in front of every restaurant, the smell delivered to every city's corner by the gentle wind; meeting people I'd previously met on the road anything from a week ago to 3 days ago. Meeting some Spaniards at the bar which might result in doing some crazy rafting tomorrow. Dancing in trekking shoes and army pants. Watching a cool firework show.
So much energy, loved it!

.     .      .      .      .

Today, however, the cards are a bit different and it's been raining quite heavily, so I feel excused to buy some Internet time and write to my friends. Wanted to upload some pictures, was supposed to do some translation but the computer in here doesn't either read usb, nor does it allow you to create files in Word. So, got left with good ol' facebook - it never lets you dow.

.     .      .      .      .

I must admit it feels strange to know I've still a month of travelling ahead of me. I plan on coming back to Warsaw around the 20th of September - might still have a crazy bday party to crash on the 18th in Berlin.. Plus, found really cheap flights to Brussels in October and the fries have been on my mind for ages, so maybe..? Let's see how things roll.. 

This week will hopefully be a most adventurous one - am thinking glaciers, volcanic underwater reefs, rafting.. Let's see.. :)

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