Wednesday, August 10, 2011


When people ask me why I want to hitch hike, the answers are two. 

First of all, let's be honest, it saves a lot of money and enables me to see more.

However, even more importantly - you get to meet all sorts of people and random things happen.

Let's take today for example and our last ride to a farm in the middle of nowhere. We were going there to do some Icelandic horse riding. We haven't done that yet, but am now sitting in a kitchen of who might be my future part time boss next spring.. :D

Stay tuned!

Ate a puffin today.. Am not proud of it but luckily, I didn't like it. Tastes like liver.
Don't ever have to try the cute thing again!

3 komentarze:

M said...

wtf's puffin? ;p like a penguin or chicken?

kinga ewelina said...

Z tego co mi wiadomo maskonury są pod ochroną. Na Islandii je jedzą tak po prostu?

Magu Bee said...

M - puffin's called the penguin of the north, no idea if they´re related. Haven't seen one yet but am hoping to next week. Will let ya know more then :)

Ewelina - yup, sa przysmakiem na Islandii i czescia tradycji kulinarnej, tak samo jak wieloryby zreszta. Co roku sa wyznaczane jakies limity polowania, w tym roku byly duzo nizsze, bo ze wzgledu na zmiany klimatyczne puffinow jest duzo mniej niz zwykle.