Friday, August 12, 2011

Week two begins

Getting a ride with 3 crazy German tourists (one of which actually started a Maya Bee fan club many years ago) and jumping around a waterfall,

going to a farm with horseback riding to get offered o job and be driven to the potential boss's place,

hitching an empty tour bus and getting free beer,

getting picked up by a French couple who travel around the island in a caravan of campers and teaching 60+ year olds the basics of dancehall by the bonfire to Bob Marley songs,

freezing under a waterfall to catch some sun on a patch of snow 10 minutes later,

'dining' on dry spaghetti in front of a cafe in a small town lost in the West Fjords to later get invited for a movie by the cafe's employees and munch on butter popcorn while watching Faun's Labyrinth,

chill out in the before mentioned cosy cafe (they serve Belgian waffles!) and recharge the batteries before setting off on a 4day trek up north.

Quite cool last couple of days, if I may say so!

5 komentarze:

mealoneinchina said...

The video is absolutely awesome! :D

M said...

positive vibration!

Magu Bee said...

It definitely is a moment to remember and laugh at :)

Anonymous said...

This blog is absolutely amazing, you are tremendous. Wish you all the best!

Sofie said...

Girl!!! You kick ASS!!!!!