Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First waterfalls, first craters

So, it´s pretty.
For sure, the landscape in here is great and the best is still yet to come. And loads of it!

During the last 7 days managed to have a bbq in a country house and break onto a church´s grounds, attend a fish festival and eat whale meat, steal a boat and make fire on a picturesque island to later camp out there, sleep on a rock overseeing Akureyri and do my laundry in a library´s toilet.

No time to be writing now, so just a couple of stills. Sorry, but haven´t managed to upload any more for the time being!

A little hike on one of the hills surrounding Dalvik.

A walk along Dalvik´s beach.

3 komentarze:

Jim said...

Do you actually walk around in the bee outfit the whole time, or just change into it at appropriate moments? :D

Magu Bee said...

The second one. But those are numerous... :)

M said...

How it's like to be a bee?