Sunday, January 2, 2011

Everyone who got to where they are now had to begin where they were

Quoting Richard Paul Evans I would like to mention one book I've recently finished reading. There might not be too many people who read this kind of literature among my friends, but I really think it's worth those 2 or 3 hours of your time. It doesn't necessarily have to change your life but you never know, it might do just that.

I'm talking about Jack Canfield's "How to get from where you are to where you want to be". I didn't find any extraordinary conepts in it and that's exactly why I loved it. You're presented with a set of 25 principles that we all know, but most probably don't implement them in our everyday life. And what a shame!

So, as my 'New Year gift', I would love you to read an extract from the said book and then, if you feel it might be something you're interested in, go read the whole thing. I've put in bold what I found most important.

     The key to success is to take what you have learner (or relearned) in this book and put it into action. You can't do everything at once, but you can begin. There are 25 principels in this book. If you're not careful, that could feel a bit overwhelming to you. So here is all you have to do:
    Go back to the beginning and start working through each principle one at a time, in the order they are poresented - take 100% responsibility for your life and your success, clarify your life purpose, decide wat you want, set specific and measurable goals for al the parts of your personal vision, break them into specific action steps you can take, create affirmations for each one of your goals, and begin the practice of visualizing your completed goals every day.
    Then begin taking action on your most important goals every day. Ask for whatever you need with no fear of rejection, ask for an respond to feedback, commit to neverending improvement and persist in the face of whatever obstacles may come up. Now you're up an running toward the completion of your major goals.
    Next, to build and maintain momentum, create a program for cleaning up your incompletes, pick a habit to work on developing for the next quarter (...).
   You can't do everything at once. But if you keep adding a little progress every day, over time you will have built a whole new set of habits and self-disciplines. Remember, anything valuable takes time. There are no overnight successes. (...)

  (...) But this is where the information, motivation, and inspiration stop, and the perspiration (provided by you) begins. You and you alone are responsible for taking the actions to create the life of your dreams. Nobody else can do it for you. 
   You have all the talent and the resources you need to start start right now and eventually create anything you want.

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