Friday, January 21, 2011

Good bye little girl

I've already forgotten how tiring shopping is! ..

. . . . . . . . . . .

Yesterday was a pretty emotional day. First a very heated discussion with my boss. Then a very reasonable and civil conversation with my ex-boss. Finally, a night out to blow off some steam.

Started off in an Indian restaurant just around the corner from my place, called The Dhaba. A very nice garden and pretty interesting interiors, with a huge fresco on one of the walls and very nice staff, humored by me and S going a bit crazy at times ;)

Delicious food - roomali roti, amritsari fried prawns and chicken dhaniya adraki (coriander and ginger chicken ). Yummm!

Well fed Magu's a happy Magu!

We then headed off to Kino 108, a pretty funky restaurant/club with Thursday salsa parties. Finally, after all this time, some salsa!

It was a Thursday night, so everybody who's anybody was in Olive. And so were we, although I soo don't like this place - waaay to crowded, people go there just to be seen, the vibe's not that much fun. However, the spinach and goat cheese pizza made the whole thing worth it!
Oh, and finally met a girl I could easily talk to! Somehow I haven't had that much luck when it comes to girls I've been introduced to..

. . . . . . . . . . .

Today started horribly. 
I came back home pretty late last night (well, today morning more so) but had some things on the agenda, so had to wake up early in the morning. My sim card wasn't working at night so I took it out and haven't set the correct time and date after putting it back in. I overslept my alarm clock and when I woke up I looked at the clock and it said 3 pm! Man, I was furious with myself and close to a heart attack! I took the fastest shower ever (cold 'cause I wouldn't have time to wait for the heater to start working), dressed, took my cholis and ran out of the house to catch the tailor (needed to get the cholis altered a bit - yes, I'm too fat!). I go there and see the guy's not working and I can feel a bit of panic somewhere around the corner.. The wedding I'm attending and need the outfits for is tomorrow, and I wouldn't have the time to get it done now! I come back home and talk to the Mum who, strangely enough, is eating breakfast. I tell her the tailor's not there and she says: "Oh yeah, maybe he hasn't opened yet". "Weird", I think to myself. Needed to buy some make up, so I tell her that I'll run to the store to get it. "They might not be open yet either". So then I'm really confused and ask her what time it is. "10:12 am".
Thank you, no more questions.

. . . . . . . . . . .

S had a day off and we went to see Tangled in the eary afternoon. I loved it! A very heartwarming story, the Disney I remember from when I was little. I loved the way it's been done and laughed quite a few times. In India you have take aways for practically everything. Also in the cinema. You can order food at the bar and they'll bring it to your seat during the movie. PVR in Juhu has officialy the best fries outside of Brussels!
After the movie it was time to do some shopping for the weekend events, so we headed back to Lokhandwala.
The result is as follows:
*gold nail polish
*gold eye shadow
*reeeeed lipstick
*black peticoat for my sari (well, techincally not mine - my borrowed sari )
*gold shoes
*gold earrings
(have you already figured out what colour is veeery popular in India? :D)
I also went to get a salwaar kameez I've ordered on Tuesday and I love it! Tried it on at the tailor's and it fits perfectly!
The last thing to do was getting my lehenga a bit loosened (yes, also my hips are too fat!), so what could we have done while waiting? Went to eat some more!

A most disturbing picture.. That's what you get when someone moves while you're taking a panoramic shot..

  Me: mango lassi (L.O.V.E.) and dahi puri (really good blend of sweet and a bit of spicy). S: ragda patis.
By the time I got the shoes (they were the last thing I bought) I was totally and utterly exhausted. Was supposed to take a power nap before going out but don't think that's happening anymore. Too much time on skype ;)

. . . . . . . . . . .

Had to buy new mascara recently..

.. and apparently I'm a grown up woman now that I've got myself this Korean wonder*!

*which unfortunately is rather crappy...;)

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