Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sometimes it just clicks

So, as I was saying - it's been pretty emotional lately. I've been frustrated, stressed out about some things, worrying about money if some arrangements don't work out and too restless for my own good.

And then last night I was at E's with S, having a Nutella crepe and movie night.*
We were also having quite a selection of Indian take away and as I love eating with my hands, I had to go wash them. So I enter the bathroom, start the water and suddenly all the anxiety is gone. In a second I realise that this whole arrangement is only for another couple of weeks and I'm only 23, so I have plenty of time to do what my heart desires. And to come back to India and see all those magical things I won't get to see now. And that it's completely fine! 
I think it was around 9 pm.

I come back home, open my mailbox and start laughing.
You might remember my journey to India was longer than expected and the purchase of the ticket a tiny bit stressful. Because my flight's been cancelled and because it was cancelled due to technical problems, under EU regulations I should be entitled to some compensation. A pretty high one at that, as it was a very long flight. I wrote the airlines and they answered me a week ago to wait while they investigate the case and that they should revert within 21 days.
So last night I come back home, open my mailbox and start laughing. Because there, a letter awaits me. 8:40 pm Indian time the airline's representative wrote me that my complaint'd been looked into and I should be getting my money once I send them a signed Liability Disclaimer. So with that money in mind, not only did my coming to India not cost me a penny, I've still managed to make some just by flying down here!

Thus, all's good in the world again! The stress's gone, the money's on its way.
The beauty is that I already know where Austrian's money is paying for me to go to next!
It'll be breathtakingly beautiful, if only slightly cold and straight out hardcore.. But that's a different story from another part of the world... ;)

*You gotta appreciate Nutella and some good comedies!

3 komentarze:

Jakub Kopczyk said...

Sounds like a "satori" moment :) .
And then an instant reward - that's just great! Keep it up, and have tones of fun!

Magu said...

I think it might have been just that!

Arigator Kuba! ;)

Paula1206 said...

As always...LUCKY YOU. It's really fascinating to see, how life can just flow on one lucky wave. Of course, sometimes you fall from the board, but you manage to always get back up. I think the luck is a reward from life, to remind you, that things can always turn for the better, in every moment and you should never give up trying...:)
With these poetic words I send you buziaki to india!!