Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exactly two months to go

Today's been a cool day.
Back home it's a religious holiday, people stay home and try to keep warm.

Here, I woke up pretty late (had been making envelopes for our brochures till 4 am, don't ask) and finished some tasks appointed to me last night. We had an important meeting tonight, luckily a rather informal and more for-the-sake-of-it than we-need-to-wow-them (although wow them we did ;), so it was fun. I later met S, my culinary, movie and whatever-other-kind-of-entertainment-you-can-think-of buddy, and he's taken me out for yet another great dinner. 

We started off with some Indian food and then followed it with the best dessert out there.  Moccha's officialy my favourite place in the world. We ordered Mt. Brownie, which turned out to be three brownies topped with vanilla ice cream, swimming in chocolate and fudge. The looks of it and the smell were enough to make me happy. But having eaten it, I felt drunk! Seriously, I was so high. Still am, actually..

I've also decided that you're all missing out on a lot because I haven't been writing about all the goodies I eat here. So I've promised myself to start taking photos and give you a bit of Mumbai's flavour, so to speak. Plus, you can hate me and how lucky I am this much more ;)

As for the tittle - that's it. Exactly two months from now I'll have boarded my plane to Vienna and will be leaving India for at least 2 months, but probably much longer. Of course I'm enjoying myself and not worrying much about the future but today it hit me how fast this time's gonna pass by, and how much more I'd like to have of it here.

There are quite a few interesting and exciting events coming up, hopefully some more weekend trips outside of M-city. Also, need to go back to some notes I'd made back in Poland and start doing the activities I wrote down, visiting those places that appealed to me while I was going through all the guidebooks I could find..

But for now it's good night - already 01:30 am in this part of the world and I've to wake up in less than 5 hrs for a networking breakfast at 7.30...
Oh, did I mention I already have my business cards? 
Now I'm all grown up and professional, don't ya'll think? ;)

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