Sunday, January 30, 2011

So, do you dance there?

For the last 6 weeks I've been trying to avoid this question but whenever I talked to a friend, whichever part of the world they were from, it would always be one of the first things they asked.

a) made me appreciate them for knowing me so well and supporting my passion
b) showed me how much I must be talking about dancing in my life
c) reminded me I haven't been dancing athough I promised myself I would, thus
d) made me feel really guilty.

Maybe after today I won't have to be avoiding that question in the following six weeks. And many more after that, for that matter ... ;)

3 komentarze:

Anonymous said...

With you traveling around the world maybe such movie would be nice :) ?

Adam :-) said...

You don't have your own dance school in Mumbai yet? Shame on you! You should bring the real hip hop and some jamaican flavour to these guys that are dancing bollywood all the time ;)

Magu said...

I love this clip, thanks :) And I was thinking about doing something similar..

Adam - I just might, I just might... ;)