Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a damn' hard life

Magu's sample Mumbai weekend:


7:45 wake up (after going to sleep at round 3:30)
10:10 leave home to meet V
10:40 arrive in Iskcon; wait for men to get ready for the baraat
11:40 the baraat
13:00 beginning of the shaadi
13:30 lunch, delicious Gujarati food
15:30 get back home to see if there's any work that needs to be done
17:00 a power nap
20:15 leave home to meet S*
20:40 pick up E
21:00 arrive at the sea food festival
23:00 arrive in Trilogy
00:30 move to Aurus, meet Z
02:00 leave Aurus to take E back home (the poor thing has to work in the morning)
02:15 decide you need a snack from downtown
02:35 pick up S* from the side of some road
03:10 arrive downtown; guys look for their favourite street food guy; we get chicken and paneer rolls (yumm)
04:00 arrive home
05:00 go to sleep


09:30 wake up
10:30 do some work
11:30 meeting with the boss; some more work follows
14:00 leave home, go to Juhu PVR to meet with S*
14:50 sit down in a cafe; interesting conversation - I find my new career... ;)
15:55 arrive at Juhu Circle; go with S to an audition (this S is an actor, among other things)
16:05 meet K; K takes down my name and phone no. and tells me she needs a foreign looking girl for some new movie
16:20 they decide S is too handsome to be a farmer; we're outta there
16:50 arrive home
19:50 leave home for an Internations' meeting, spend an hour in traffic jam
21:00 arrive in Bandra, off Linking Road, get to Bonobo
21:05 fall in love with Internations' events and the people who come there; have a blast
23:00 E arrives
23:10 E, S, Z and I leave for Zenzi to get some food
23:40 finally get food! salmon and teriyaki sushi rolls, rice, some fried fish, bbq chicken, bombay chicken, china box
01:00 move to Trilogy; by that time we're a bunch of ppl travelling in 3 cars
01:15 Trilogy's not happening - too crowded, already tens of ppl outside trying to get in; decide to go to Balthazar's
01:30 arrive at Balthazar's; crush some private party and daaaance
03:30 decide I need to go home and sleep; friends continue the party till 10:30 am the next day
04:07 arrive home
05:15 go to sleep


10:40 wake up
12:10 leave home to meet with R, S's friend who invited me for some dance related rehearsal the previous night
12:30 meet R, a cool dancer and choreographer; set off to Yari Road, Versova
13:00 arrive at the rehearsal spot
15:45 the rehearsal's over; I'm huuungry; R and I catch a rick and go to Lokhandwala
16:15 we treat ourselves to some good food in High Point:
Basket Chaat, a really good blend of spiced and sweet - sweet yoghurt covering some spiced veggies. Plus, a mango lassi

Paneer chilly dosa

Coconut chutney, sambal and Seczuan sauce
18:00 a power nap
20:40 leave home for Bandra
21:30 meet with S in Theobroma and die happily after having some brownie and chocolate mudcake
22:00 arrive at Zenzi (with the idea and having promised myself to be back home by 1 am at the latest); dance my ekhm off to salsa and a bit of bachata
00:45 Z and T arrive in Zenzi
00:56 they turn off the music (in Mumbai, clubs get shut by 1 am, unless they're in fancy hotels, or opened illegaly)
01:10 Z, T & I decide to get ice cream
01:30 pick up S&S and head out to look for our desserts
01:45 arrive in Novotel; lay down by the pool; get a table and order food
02:00 great masala fries and omg that carbonara... (have been dreaming about pasta for the last week)
03:10 arrive home
04:00 start writing that note instead of just going to sleep; my before sleep talk with A (becoming kind of a habit, no? :)
04:40 go to sleep

And now imagine that a weekend like this has been on for almost 6 weeks now. The moment I leave Mcity, I'm giving up partying. Srsly.

It's a damn' hard life! (that leaves you tired like hell)

However, there must be something I've been doing right - can't remember the last time my fingernails were so healthy :D

Yes, there are loads of Indian names beginning with the letter S.. There have been 3 different ones this weekend :)

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Anonymous said...

Girl — you're officially my hero now. Rili, rili…

Anonymous said...

…and this Blogger comment forms sucks. Meh. (This was Marcin, and btw — greets from Izabella.)

Magu said...

Tak sie zastanawialam kto to :)

Dzieki! Pozdrow Ukochana ode mnie!
I mam nadzieje, ze znajdziecie dla mnie chwile czasu w marcu ;)


Jak powinno wygladac komentowanie? ;p

Marcin said...

No ba, jasne, że znajdziemy czasu trochę. :) W końcu opowieści z pierwszej ręki to jest to co tygrysy i inne Stworzonka lubią najbardziej.

A komentowanie — no jak się loguje przez OpenID, to powinno być miejsce na wpisanie kto się spisał, anie jaki ma identyfikator. Za bardzo chyba narzekam, olej, to winna Google. :D

Magu said...

Jak juz kiedys bede wielka podrozniczka i bede miala swoja mega fancy strone internetowa, to obiecuje, ze bedzie dobra forma komentowania :P