Monday, January 24, 2011

Because I didn't get fired

I am gonna stay in Mumbai and work for 1,5 months, as I didn't get fired
I am gonna make people's travel dreams come true, as I didn't get fired
I am not gonna travel now and I know why, 
(why girl) 'cuz I didn't get fired
Because I didn't get fired
Because I didn't get fired.

Apparently things are gonna change and I'll have more work, so I decided to stay. Am torn apart, because I was already thinking what cool places I should visit in the following weeks and I kind of feel I'm wasting time staying in Mumbai.
This internship was supposed to be a huge learning experience, creative and active, but didn't turn out quite that way. I think I've gotten too impatient and restless in the last couple of months and so whenever I'm not doing something, I see it as a waste of time. I didn't want to be in Mumbai or India for the sake of it. If I'm not working, I should be experiencing something more than the comfort of my own room.. That I have back home as well.
Hopefully, that's about to be different from now on..

Of course the time wasting bit refers to my work experience. Otherwise, I've met cool people, am dining like never before, going out quite a bit. But the problem is, I came here to work. My social life was supposed to be just an addition.
But then again, why the hell should I complain about having fun? @_@

As you can see, I'm lost. Big time.

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Paula1206 said...

Thats about the same, when I was doing my internship in Warsaw. The work itself was boring and most of the time I was thinking, what I could do with the time I was spending with not working at work;) But then again, I had the time AFTER work and had such a blast, made so many new friends and experiences, that I didn't really care so much about the time at WORK. Because during work I had something to look forward to.
So just enjoy your time after work...And btw I don't want you to travel around India, cause then u have seen everything and you might not wanna go again with me;)

Anya said...

rób, co Ci serduszko dyktuje, a zawsze będzie dobrze;)

Magu said...

Aww thanks dear!

It's good to know someone's had a similar experience. But you know, here the problem's also that I don't think I'll be coming back to India any time soon, the visa hassle, the ticket's price..
And you can (and totally should! :) come to Poland every other weekend if you don't have too much work at uni - it's a lot closer and soo much cheaper to reach.

But I do understand what you're saying and that's how I'll try approaching it.


gaurav said...

hey congrats
That calls for a celebration.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm I am waiting to hear time and venue............


kinga ewelina said...

Have you ever thought about working as a volunteer in a charity?
I know that going to restaurants, clubs, meeting new people, visiting new places - these are things which give you a lot of fun. But what about satisfaction of spending your time, feeling that you're needed someone, being proud of your work?
You don't have to answer, just think about it. I'm quite sure that you will take advantage of that stay in India. Maybe such volunteer work is one of the possibilities, I don't know. I'm sure you know better :-)

pozdrowienia od Michała i ode mnie :-*

Magu said...

That's actually one of the first questions I've asked my boss even before coming to India. I've asked around after coming to Mumbai as well. The problem is, all the charity work goes down downtown. I've no way of being there during the week. And the weekend is the only time I can see anything of the country, apart from Mcity.