Friday, February 11, 2011

Mumbai trivia

People don't walk in this city.

Of course, when I say people, I mean the people I hang out with.
They're always in a car, a cab or a rick. Walking 500m is too much for them. Really really.

It's funny what things you might miss when you go abroad. I, for one, miss walking. Walking around the city, walking while doing the groceries, walking to a bus stop or to my friend's place. Back home I prefer to walk even when I can take a bus or a tram. Walking makes you slow down, gives you some time for yourself (even if you're a fast walker like me), creates an opportunity for social studies.

I spent a lovely evening with E, some heart to heart girl talk and then a walk from Bandra to Juhu beach, and some more walking on the shore of the ocean itself. It felt so good!
And of course when our Indian friends heard about it, they wouldn't believe it at first and when they did, they wouldn't understand it.

And I need a lot more of evenings like this one. Soothing, relaxed, cheerful and healthy. Healthy for my psyche that is, as all the food in San Churros with S# 1612793 and later in Theobroma with E is definitely not healthy for my body. At least my soul's rejoicing at the amount of chocolate I've had today..

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Jim said...

Chocolate! Rockin' dem endorphins. ;)

Magu said...

Oh they were, and how..