Tuesday, February 15, 2011

43 (almost) sleepless hours

So apparently sleep's overrated.

What one might do during 43 (almost) sleepless hours:

* all that's described in here and then:
* get ready and set off to a cool party in an amazing property at the shore of the ocean
* have a good time with friends, dancing, eating and drinking (ordering drinks by colour is so much fun! plus, an amazing green thai curry)
* start talking to V, who's going to Pune the next day (and you'd wanted to go there two weekends before but ended up staying home); decide it'd be cool to get a ride with her, but you already have plans to go to horse riding with F; F comes and says she has to fly to Delhi for a last minute business meeting -> 9 am you're leaving for Pune, yay!
 * come back home at around 4:30 am to get a bit of sleep but 5 mins after get a call and be told you're being picked up to go for a random ride in the neighbourhood
* take a quick shower, pack your little purse and at 6 am go out to meet your friend
* stroll around looking for an open wine store (liquor stores are called wine stores in here, although wine isn't popular at all...) and end up in some hotel in Juhu; get a call from S and be told to come to an afterparty in Andheri
* go to Andheri, almost fall asleep and at 8:10 am head back to Juhu to meet up with V; eat some eggs for breakfast and fall asleep for 20 mins
* 9:25 am set off for a 3,5 hrs drive to Pune, get 2 hours of car quality sleep
* get dropped off in front of the German Bakery near the Koregaon Park, next to Osho's ashram; find out the Bakery's closed down and it's the anniversary of a terrorist attack that had happened here
* you're hungry so looking for some place to have lunch; you notice three blondes in the characteristic red outfits that Osho people wear and follow them till you get to a little local thali joint
* order your food, find out entering the ashram would cost you almost 2k Rs., not a merry perspective as you don't have more than 2,5k Rs. on you and you need some 'safety money'; decide to somehow make it work
*on your way to the ashram you meet M, a Swedish guy travelling around India, you go for a walk together and end up getting something to drink, chat away
* shut, it's 3:20 pm already?? you need to head back home, the ashram's not happening.. lol; take a rick and go to the train station to find a bus
* get reaaaally annoyed by Pune men while on your quest to find the right bus (government, non AC), sick of being smootched at or called 'ay gora!' (hey, white!); stand in a line to get a seat number for your bus (Madame, but it's non AC, you're sure you want that one?); board the bus, get some drinks and try to find a more or less comfortable way of positioning yourself to get some bus quality sleep
* 3,5 hrs later arrive dead tired and dirty in Dadar, which seems light years away from your bed in Andheri; struggle to find a normal taxi driver (they want to charge you 300 Rs. to Bandra - ****ers); you're in Dadar East, you're told by Z to cross over the station to Dadar West and catch a cab there; you're already so tired you don't really care but do it anyways; you try to find your way through a huge crowd of people, constantly pushing and trying not to fall flat on your face
* get into a cab and try not to start screaming at the cab driver as he pretends to know where he's taking you but has no idea; call Z about a million times; Z comes to pick you up, God bless his soul
* arrive at A's place - the single coolest piece of private space you've seen in the city; a roof top flat with a pole in the middle of the living room ;), just opposite Olive
* wash your hands and face - suddenly you feel you actually still have the strength to go to rock&roll in Zenzi (well, actually to salsa&bachata)
* eat a durum on the street and then some quesadillas at Z's friend's mexican place
* take a rick and head to Zenzi - it's salsa time! dance till 1 am and be haaaappy
* get approached by N, one of the dancers, and find out you live in the same neighbourhood; get offered a ride back home and while on the way, get to know you're actually based in the same building!
* 3 am - you try to fall asleep but your body's already beyond being sleepy...

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