Thursday, February 17, 2011

Salsa magic

My God.
How stupid I was to let some people make me feel paranoid about doing salsa in Bombay! I've missed out on soooo much since December!

Salsa parties evenings have been among the best ones I've had here. How I've missed sweating my ass off on the dancefloor, the shame of messing it up for my dance partners ;) and the sheer joy of both making mistakes and getting it right. So much fun in salsa and bachata, so much grace that I've yet to learn, so much dance creativity waiting to be unleashed. 

There are 3 main places for salsa in here: Sundays in Zenzi, Wednesdays in Shiro and Thursdays in Kino 108. Today a friend  has organised the 1st salsa night in Balthazar and I think it should become a regular ;) Maybe move it to another day of the week though, so that they gain one more party instead of making people choose between Kino 108 and Balthazar.

There are some really cool dancers in here, have met a couple of guys whom I adore dancing with. It hasn't been long since I joined the salsa community in here but I already know I'll miss those people. Funnily enough, I've been told today that I'll be missed as well. Too cute!

I don't know what it is about sala dancers but I find their communities very open and friendly, which makes it that much more fun. In Bombay as well - the crowd's not that big, so after 2 or 3 evenings you feel like a part of this world, you feel you're among friends.

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