Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Never a dull moment in Mcity..

Yes, I know the posts are getting boring.
I go about how much I want to rest but never do.
It's just that it looks like cool things never cease to find me..

Yesterday ended at 4 am again, although I was home by around 1:30 am. The Leela event turned out to be 'just' a standing buffet for the exhibitors of Mumbai West fairs (travel fairs, about 20 or 30 tourism boards from all over the world have been invited for a so-called road show in India).  I might have been disappointed had I gone there just for that, but seeing M was so cool! We had some laughs and I left the place at round 8:45 pm to head back to Andheri, from where I was being picked up by another M. We ended up going to Koyla, a very cool restaurant on the rooftop of a three story building. Really nice space, chill music and a good fruit salad!

Today in the morning had a meeting with a colleague at her place, so went to 4 Bungalows, from which I headed back to Lokhandwala, to have lunch with C, a Canadian I've met on Friday. We met in Indigo Cafe, I love this place! Reaaaaally good food. My fav? Chicken wings in blue cheese sauce! Although their sandwiches are great as well..

That was supposed to be it, maybe some salsa dancing in the evening.

So guess what?

Yup, was supposed to rest today, so, naturally, got invited to a big event in the cricket world (which India's crazy about) in Trident, a hotel downtown. How do you say 'no' to meeting 6 Captains who have won the Cricket World Cup, a jazz band performance, hosted dinner and wine?
I was invited alone but asked if I could bring two extra guests with me and after a while got the green light. So me, S & E are hitting the town tonight, wearing some fancy clothes and wishing for a rocking time!

And after Trident? Who knows.. 
Afterall, I never know what''s gonna happen in the next hour, as there's never a dull moment in Mcity..

And I'm taking these babies with me.. ;)

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