Thursday, February 3, 2011

'Tonight's gonna be a good night'

Yesterday definitely was a good night, folks!

Of course some things didn't go as planned, others appeared unexpectedly..
S decided not to go, E got stuck at work and couldn't join me either, so I set off downtown on my own. Before I left home I set up a meeting for a night time jog along Marine Drive, thus along the ocean. I don't even have a big bag with me here, so ended up packing my sneakers and jogging clothes into a plastic bag.. So there I was - heels, a dress and a small silver handbag in the right hand, a big ugly plastic bag in the left ;)

Of course forgot that in here you should order a taxi beforehand (I almost never use those) so ended up in a rick, going to Bandra to change into a taxi I find there. Find one I did and 1,5 hrs after having left home I arrived in Trident. Went to the ballroom where the event was being held, met with a CSer who'd invited me to come and enjoy the gala, left my ugly back at the DJ's and went to get myself something to drink. I really like that ballroom (have been there briefly two weeks ago for the pre-marathon thingy) but I did feel kind of awkward, standing there not knowing anyone. Luckily M proved to be a great host, introduced me to his friends and I took it from there. I arrived at the hotel at around 9 pm and at 10:30 pm I was already meeting M (the Koyla drinks M from Tue)  for the jog. Basically, I got to see the boring part of the event - Q&A with the champions and a little contest during which you could win a signed bat. Of course it was boring only to me, as I've no idea about cricket nor the athlets involved, but everyone else seemed to be really excited. The moment they were starting to serve food and a renowned jazz singer was taking the stage, I had to leave.

Going out of the hotel was quite funny - I passed the reception while going to the restrooms (in the dress etc), changed and 5 minutes later passed the reception in my jogging outifits. Stupified looks followed.

It was a very leasurely jog but the atmosphere of the place was magic. The sound of the waves, whole families enjoying the ocean and the night sky, the lights of the city and the passing cars.. It was one of these moments when you love your life and see how lucky you are to have the opportunity to enjoy such simple pleasures.

I was already going back home, tired and sleepy, when someone (yes S, you) started using emotional blackmail on me and I had to give in, so ended up hitting Trilogy at around 1:20 am. Didn't feel like going there at all but the DJ made it all worth it last night. He was killing it! We had a blast and I was back home a bit before 4 am. Of course, that's the time when all my friends are online so chatted and skyped till 5:40 am. 
And then I collapsed.

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