Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mcity's new mini-socialite?

On Thursday evening I met with a fellow CSer with whom I couldn't schedule a meeting for like 3 weeks. We grabbed a drink in a pub close to mine and headed to Olive. For the first time I went there without S (and J, the CSer, is from Delhi and hasn't been socializing in here, so didn't know the spot) and was surprised to see that wherever I turned, there were people I know. Better or less, sometimes can't recall the names to be honest (I'm sorry but when you meet 10 people every second day I find it almost impossible), but faces which smiled when they saw me and lips forming a peck on the cheek were all around. I do somehow seem to know a lot of people.

T, an Australian friend based in India at the moment, calls himself the Professional White Guy. I'm wondering if the Professional White Socialite is taken and if it'd earn me a living in here ;)

There's especially one night with some bar dancing involved which seems to have fixed me in people's memory for good.. It's been already two weeks I think, but I still meet new people who immediately after shaking hands with me and exchanging names ask "You're the dancing girl from Balthazar, right?"
Getting the party started with S, the actor.

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