Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, remember how I was complaining about being tired and going out too much?
Well, yesterday was supposed to be a laid back, stay at home kinda day.
Yeah, right.

A couple of weeks back I met an owner of a recording studio and a vocal coach. Yesterday was having a brain storming session with my boss and a colleague when I got a call from the voice recording studio to come over and give a voice sample, as they need someone with an American accent. Scheduled a meeting at 5 and set off to Andheri East. It was fun, two cute guys trying to make me sound good hehe
I got to read a couple of different scripts (a narration, commercial, news segment etc), then got to record a tiny piece in Japanese and Spanish. 
(BTW, am terrified - my Japanese is practically non-existent anymore..)
The recording didn't go that well, though. I usually 'go British' when I'm at least a bit nervous or stressed out and I definitely wouldn't pass for a Yankee on what we've registered. Which left the guys a bit surprised - when we were chatting I'd be American, the moment they turned the freaking mic on, I wasn't.
After an hour or so I left and headed to Shoppers Stop in Juhu, where I was seeing '127 hours'. Arrived a bit before the movie, went to the bookstore and finally bought myself a book to learn Hindi! 

Rather 'Speak Hindi from Day 47' ..

Was super happy and decided to go home to start my first lesson as soon as I finish watching the movie.
Yeah, right.

Got the tickets and went upstairs to wait for S (in this PVR you get the tickets at a counter outside of the mall, whereas the cinema's located on its top floor). I was ordering some  fries (Garlic French and Masala - yumm!) when a young guy chatted me up. Some young co-pilot for Kingfisher, surprised that I was going to see a movie alone. I said I wasn't, wanted to pay for the food but he wouldn't let me and insisted on paying. So basically people start feeding me in here just because I'm white. Or fair, as E would put it ;)
S came, we got some more snacks and went for the movie. T arrived just in time for the anthem (yes, in Indian cinemas you stand up and listen to the national anthem before every movie) and we started watching D. Boyle's new piece. A quater of an hour into the movie our fries arrived (yes, in Indian cinemas you order your food, give the seat number and they deliver it) and we were ready to enjoy the movie.
I loved it! The way it was shot, the story that inspired it. 
Which made me wonder - would I ever have that much will power? To fight, not to let go and in the end, to suffer through the pain to do what needed to be done?
And it also made me decide that I'll definitely start listenning to my parents and leave directions as to where I'm going while travelling.
(I can see my folks smiling right now :D)

After the movie we decided to grab some dinner (by which time I was already breaking my promise to go home straight from the cinema) and ended up in Urban Tadka for some delicious black dal and shrimp curry, among others. We were joined by Z, stuffed ourselves and I was ready to go back.
Yeah, right.

The guys suggest a dessert and whom would I be, had I declined the offer?
So at around 11:45 pm we set off in search of sweets. Landed in a funnily smelling place but I don't remember the name. Ordered some rice pudding (nice), dry fruit cream (too sweet) and the rocking rabdi, made of condensed sweet milk (like many Indian desserts, which I find great - I've always loved condensed milk). The amount of sweet and the overall tiredness made me reaaally sleepy. Was sure that would be the end of the evening.
Yeah, right.

So then we're already in the car, and the guys decide to go to Bonobo for a sec to say hi to some people. We arrive in Bandra and it takes all the will power I have to step out of the car and board the elevator leading to the lounge upstairs. Luckily, we leave after a couple of minutes. Had to drop T off and I fall asleep in the front seat before Z brings me to Andheri.

So then I said to myself - tomorrow I'm staying put the whole day, will only step out for an audition (the one K has told me about), a short jog and my yoga class in the evening (lately I've been missing a vast majority of those ;/ )
Yeah, right...

It turns out there's a work related event I have to attend in the evening. It'll be fun for sure - dinner in a very nice property - but so not what I wanted tonight. However, I'll also get to see M, our Slovak partner with whom we've done a little FAM trip back in December, so I'm excited a bit. Later, I might be meeting another M for some drinks. And so again, no yoga nor Hindi lesson for me..


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