Saturday, February 12, 2011

A stalker's day

Have had 3 stalkers today. And the day ain't over yet.

Stalker #1

I took a rick in the early afternoon to go and meet T, the CSer from Nasik. It's quite a long way and for almost half of it I was being followed by some jerk in his black hyundai. He was with his friend and the moment he realised there was a white girl in the rick, he couldn't stop staring. At one point I thought he would get cramps in his neck. No, I hoped he would. He went as far as opening the window whenever he could get a clear vision of me, apparently the glass was too dirty or something.. That has happened before though, so I wasn't that gutted. However, this guy has taken it to a whole different level. 
He would actually drive as slow as my rick did, causing even more traffic behind us. When he had to go faster and take over some cars in front of us, he would later pull aside, wait for my rick and then catch up with us, making sure he's driving in a way that enables him to stare at me some more. He was doing that for some good 20 minutes!
Luckily my rickshawalla realised what the guy was doing and I could actually see him trying to avoid the car.

Stalker #2

Went to the Kala Ghoda festival and had some random guy follow me around. He didn't bother me too much. It's just the awareness of someone constantly looking at your back is a bit annoying.

Stalker #3

Decided to walk back home from the bus stop. Already on the straight road leading to my house I crossed paths with some guy. He seemed very pleased to see me, I just passed him and continued to walk. A couple seconds later I can hear a car driving next to me. Literally next to me - the guy must have been going at some 15 kph. I turn my head and see him smiling and getting ready to talk, so I look back ahead and walk as if nothing's happening. He takes over me and pulls aside a couple of meters ahead. I pass him and ignore the 'Hello' he's saying. So he takes over me again, pulls aside a couple of meters ahead and waits. His window's down, his smile's intact and I try to ignore him again, passing the car and walking straight on. He does the trick for the third time, this time making a strategic mistake - there's a pavement going around the walls of my building, so I don't even walk next to him but head to the left handside of the road. Once again pretending not to hear the 'hi's' he's desperately throwing at me.

Seriously guys, what's wrong with you?


Other than the 3 episodes mentioned above and a ricksha guy who wanted to take me for a ride, both literally and figuratively speaking, today's been a great day. One of the healthy ones :)

I met with T in Candies, a famous spot in Bandra. I loved the place the moment I entered it. Great vibe, a cool young crowd, good music and a huge selection of delicious food snacks. Quiche lying next to samosas, chicken pies side by side with paneer rolls. And the prices were really friendly as well. The only problem was the waiting time - it was pretty crowded, however definitely well worth it. After lunch we caught a cab and headed downtown for the abovementioned Kala Ghoda festival.
I was there for about two hours, wandering among the stalls and the continuous flow of people. Some stalls were only commercial but there was a part of them belonging to different NGOs from all over the country.  Numerous associations whose members and people they help out have made jewellery, bags etc to sell and raise money. I bought a couple of small gadgets happy that at least some % of the spent $ would go for a good cause.
I was walking around minding my own business when I heard some music and saw a small crowd. I went to see what was happening and discovered an all-male show in the middle of the street. Was taking photos and videos when...

... this happened :)

Strolled around some more, bumped into A, a friend who was about to go back home to Bandra. I asked her how she was going and she answered she was thinking about taking the train. My smile became that much more radiant and I asked if I could join her. So, FINALLY!, I took the train back home. And guess what? It was the most comfortable and the quickest journey thus far! All the things people have been telling me were such exaggerations, I won't even comment on it. 

The train took 40 minutes to reach Andheri station. I couldn't find a free rick and already being in an adventurous spirit ;) decided to take the local bus (see E?? I dedicate it to you ma cherie! :D), which was about half an hour more to get to Infiniti Mall, where I got off and walked home. So all together, it took me less than an hour and a half to reach home, costing me the total of 15 Rs. (8 for the train ride and 7 for the bus), as opposed to two hours in a hot taxi breathing in all the pollution and dust, and having to pay 450 Rs. for the said pleasure.
Loved loved loved today.

And as I've mentioned - today ain't over yet. I've a bit of time to rest now and at around 11 pm I'll be off to Kino's Cottage, a cool property a friend rents to throw some kick ass parties from time to time. Good drinks and even better food - someone's ready to party! And the thought of going out tonight is actually a pleasant one ;)

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Paula1206 said...

haha, Stalker #3 reminds me of my experience in Warsaw, walking home on emili plater at night. Except from the fact, that the guy didn't say "hi", but "Are you working?" ;)

I'm glad you're fine! Enjoy your last weeks in Mumbai!

Magu said...


I remember those evenings Paula! Man, that was some good times we had :)

I will dear, thanks! Hope you can come see me in Warsaw asap! ;*