Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How long? Where? When?

All I hear from everyone around me is questions... So to cover the basic ones:

How long are you in Warsaw for?
In Poland, exactly 2 more weeks. Warsaw, however, might be a bit of a different story, as my flight's from the beautiful Cracow :)

Where are you going next?
First stop is Malaga, on my way to Granda for a couple of days and then up north to get somewhere around Marseille by the 3rd week of April.

When will you be back?
Beginning of May.

Soooo, have just bought my ticket to Spain! Caaaaan't wait!!!
Have had this urge of going there for a couple of months now. .
I miss the beautiful language. 
I miss the crazy people. 
I miss the delicious churros and tapas.
But two more weeks and I shall have 'em all! :D

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