Saturday, March 24, 2012

First real hitch of the year

Is about to start in about an hour, hopefully...

We are moving to Sofia, Bulgaria, for two nights (actually, more 1,5, as my Monday flight leaves at like 6am) and what better way than hitch hike?
Originally, the plan was to go there on Friday morning but Reni really wanted to see Athens and I was waiting for her to come back. She did at around 7am but was pretty tired, so we gave her some nap time and decided to postpone the journey by 2-3 hours. However, it'll take at least 6,5hrs to get there and I'd still like to spend some time walking around the city (never been there), so I do hope we leave soon.

Now about to eat some (un)healthy Greek breakfast and then figure out a way how to get on all the buses we need to take in order to get to the hitching spot. A helpful CSer, Eirini, has written me the below:

Hi Magda!
It's quite easy to catch a ride from thessaloniki to sofia. Hopefully you will make it to sofia in a few hours because you are a girl (greek drivers are scared to stop for men). From the city centre you get the bus 27 (from egnatia, bus stop kamara or aristotelous) on direction to the west. If you get off at the bus stop "Kazmpa" or "Strofi Oreokastrou" it's possible to find a ride from the there. But propably you will need to change several cars. It's easier if you go to the final station of 27 and from there take a bus that passes from the street that goes from the Thessaloniki to Serres. That's the street you need. I can't remember the bus number now but I'll find it and I'll tell you. In any case you will pass from Strimoniko, then outside the city of Serres, after from Sidirokastro and then you are at Promachonas which is the boarder to bulgaria. If they go to any of these places it works. From the boarder I'm pretty sure you will find a direct ride to sofia.
Good luck!

Easy, right? *grin*

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Jim said...

You are entirely insane. This is part of your charm. :D Good luck et bon voyage! :*

Magu Bee said...

Meh, the short distance between Thessaloniki and Sofia was not a challenge. Let's see how hitching from Dortmund to Warsaw via Munich and Salzburg goes ;)