Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The world will never ever cease to surprise me

It's only last  night that I was telling Reni about my huge dilemma and the contradiction I have inside of me and, as one of the paths for the future, I have said "Or maybe I'll go to Denmark and work for a year or two to save enough money, in real estate or something, to later do what I please for a while".
A small explanation - we were talking about different life standards in European countries and the salaries around this part of the world, giving Denmark as the best example of a high priced place but at the same time allowing you to earn enough to live comfortably, even while doing what's usually a low-paid job elsewhere. The real estate bit come from a conversation I had almost a year ago with a Norwegian guy I met in Andalucia.

I check my inbox today only to find a mail from him, sent out last night, (the first time he ever contacted me after that one time we met!) telling me about how he was recently talking to his best friend who has an interesting project coming up and he immediately thought about me and involving me in it.

I will never ever cease to be amazed by how the world works.

*     *     *     *     *

Oh, and if you were wondering - yes, Greek food still kicks ass!

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