Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thessalniki trivia

On literally every corner of thie city you'll find a pharmacy.
I've been told there are more pharmacies in Thessaloniki alone than in the whole of Austria and I have no doubt in my head about it. Heck, throw in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and a bit of Hungary in there as well and I'll still believe you! 
Oh, did I mention Chris's family owns and runs a pharmacy? Right then.

On every second corner in the city you'll find a bakery.
And do we love Greek bakeries or what!

On literally every corner of the city center you'll find a church.
It is truly amazing how many they have. During our first evening here, after about an hour long walk, all Chris had to do was point somewhere and I immediately knew what he meant - another church! They are, needless to say, very different from ours - both inside and on the outside, they come in all shapes and sizes.
(However, with the amount of pharmacies around I guess they still trust doctors more than God...)

*On literally every corner of the city center you'll find a patisserie.
And if I say we love the bakeries, we just cannot imagine life without Greek patisseries. The way all their cakes look like makes you drool as if you were a dogue de bordeaux. You'll find some international favourites like eclaires or chocolate tartes, a lot of Turkish style sweets in this awfully sweet sticky syroup (politika glyka), some amazingly looking sophisticated cakes of all shapes and sizes (so much more so than the churches) and, of course, some local things like tsoureki or trigona, typical for Thessaloniki.

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