Friday, March 30, 2012

The sound of rain

Well, those same hills are, most unfortunately, a bit dead behind a dense fog and the sound of rain...

I have arrived in Salzburg yesterday in the early afternoon, got dropped off in the city center just at the beginning of Getreidegasse, the town's main shopping street, and immediately fell under the place's spell. It's so charming and classy, you just can't help but be taken by what's around you. I spent a couple of hours wandering the small streets and shopping passages, getting lost in between the numerous (and when I say numerous, I mean it!) churches, climbing stairs and crossing bridges, all while waiting for Benigna to finish her classes. 

When we met at 5pm in front of Unipark Nonntal (the new building of the  university's Linguistics Dept), it turned out she had forgotten to tell me she had a choir practice that afternoon. Having no time to waste, we went back into the building and I got to listen to some pretty neat Austrian voices for around 2 hours, which was to be later topped by an evening out in O'Malley's, an Irish pub holding regular Thursday night karaoke sessions. I've always loved singing and always known I sound horribly, so wouldn't ever decide to do it in public, but last night I decided it's just too much fun to be missing out on - anyone knows a cheap, but decent, singing teacher in Warsaw...? :)

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