Monday, March 19, 2012

I knew I was gonna love Greek food

I just didn't know how much!

We arrived in Thessaloniki after a pretty short flight from Budapest. Short but not too pleasant - we were sitting in between some Greek high school students and well, let me just say we don't think very highly of that group of individuals. However, all got instantly better when we were greeted by our host Chris and met our co-surfer, Dora, who had come on the same flight.

Chris took us for a walk along the harbour and then into the old town, where we got treated to one of the most delicious dinners I can remember. We stayed at this local student taverna type of a restaurant for hours, trying to fit in all the food Chris had ordered for us. And we needed a lot of time, as we had 10 different dishes among 4 people: Aubergine salad, Greek salad, Tzatziki, grilled Gouda, 4 types of croquettes, Ta didima, Politiki salad, Soutzoukakia, grilled Sardella, Tigania, bread fresh out of the oven with herbs and olive oil... that's some serious food that we could barely fit on the table! Though it's not just about the food - the company was great as well and I think the last time I had so much fun over dinner was the memorable 30 euro pp dinner in Sicilly last summer.

A meal wouldn't be complete without a dessert, at least not in Reni's world, so we set out to visit one of the most famous cake shops in town. I can totally see why it is so - I could barely move, I was so full, and yet there was no way of saying no to those pâte à choux dipped in a sauce made of white Belgian chocolate...

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