Monday, March 5, 2012

New beginnings

A new week and a new month.
What better time for a little piece of advice and a little reminder at the same time?

All I'm missing is spending all my cash but honestly, I hope that day doesn't arrive just yet... 
How about you? Anything you could introduce to make your every new day a happier one?

*     *     *     *     *

Yesterday, as I was thinking about certain situations in my life, be it job related, guys related or friends related, I realised what's one of the major differences between a pessimist and an optimist.
It is a very simple thing and it definitely isn't anything that hasn't been said before but I'd never stopped to think about it until now.

Every decision, every action, every event - all of them are the ends of things as we know them.
Every decision, every action, every event - all of them are the beginnings of a future we have the chance to write.

Our attitude towards ends and beginnings can, and does, make a huge difference in our happiness. You can talk about the same situation or the same period of time and be either past or future oriented. Say "Feb is ending" or "March is about to begin". 

Usually, the first one would be said with a certain feeling of lost or regret even, it'd make you feel sentimental, look behind you.
The second one would most likely be said with a bit of excitment, a little thrill of the unknown, with hope that there are better things ahead of you.

How do you choose to see the turning points in your life?
Old ends or new beginnings?

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