Sunday, March 25, 2012

Turning things around

As you might remember, the last leg of my trip was supposed to be a couple days long stay in Dortmund. However, as the boyfriend I was going to visit had dumped me just before I got on this trip, things changed. The very day he did it, I bought a new ticket to fly back to Poland, for the next day. And then, a couple of hours later, I came to a conclusion I was too rush in my decision, as I've a friend in Munich who has been inviting me many times over (the ever so cute Paula from the French trip) and I thought I could just hitch to see her for a couple of days and then return to Dortmund to get on my originally booked plane.

For many days the idea of flying to Dortmund was literally haunting me, to the point where I was considering a) buying an expensive flight back home from Sofia and b) hitch hiking to Poland all the way from Sofia. None of the above were to my real liking, though. Then I thought - ok, I'll land in Dortmund on Monday 7:30am and just go straight to Munich, no biggie, no harm done. Somehow though, spending my days alone in Munich, Paula has a job and all (who does that??), didn't seem all that exciting either.

So I was struggling to make up my mind about what to do, but was sure I'd need one night in Dortmund in case I was taking the Tuesday flight back home. I found a really cool host, he and his flatmates agreed to take me in, so Dortmund wasn't looking all that bad any more. Once that was done, I felt a sense of relief and decided going back home on Tuesday was just plain stupid! I took a look at the map and have decided what follows:

Mon: flight Sofia-Dortmund, spend the night there
Tue: hitch to Stuttgart (heard it's nice, never been there, it's on the way to Munich, found a nice host), spend the night there
Wed: hitch to Munich, spend a couple of days at Paula's place
Sat: hitch to Salzburg or Linz, depending on where Benigna (Austrian friend from before my flight to Bombay) is gonna tell me to come
Mon: hitch through the Czech Republic and depending on how fast I get rides, spend the night in Ostrava or Katowice
Tue: arrive in Warsaw

All looked peachy and then Paula wrote me that her parents will be visiting her over the weekend and on Sunday going back home, i.e. Frankfurt (Oder), giving me a ride all the way to the German-Polish border, from where I could hitch to Warsaw on Monday within 5 hours.

Now all that's left to do is decide which option to take - hitching home from Austria or Frankfurt.
Any suggestions?

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There's a hip hop club in Sofia that kicks ass!

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