Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A cold country with a hot sun

It's a phrase I heard from B, a lovely English lady I met at the airport today, about Spain. And it would seem most fitting!

In theory it's +23 degrees but whenever you get into the shade the temperature seems to be dropping by at least 10 degrees..

Have arrived at the airport in the early afternoon, tried looking for Teddy (more on that some other time) and then boarded the A express line to the city center. Malaga welcomed me with a shower, so I had a very interesting conversation with B and waited it out. Headed to the Paseo Maritimo and followed it till I reached Plaza de la Marina, where I stopped at the turist information for some maps.
Am now sitting in McDo (blessed be McDo for its free wi-fi!) and waiting for S, a fellow CSer with whom I'm planning on making a trip to Ronda tomorrow.
Later I'm planning on seeing Centro Historico and then trying to find J's place to sleep over :)

Let the Spanish adventure begin!

Fingers crossed I don't get too lost!
Or then again, getting lost in lovely Spanish towns is so much fun...

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