Monday, March 7, 2011

It feels strange

*that everyone around me is white
*that nobody's staring (and even if they are it's not because of my skin or hair colour, but because I look like shit after 20 hrs of travelling)
*that no one's honking my ears out, no crazy rickshawalla is trying to kill me
*to be in a building in which the temperature is higher than outside
*to have to share a bathroom with someone
*to have to wait till your hair dries before you leave home (unless you want to befriend a nasty cold)
*to be meeting with my besties in an hour, as if the last three months were just a dream
*to feel homesick after having reached home (and it's not your home you feel homesick for, not even the one you've lived in since December..)

2 komentarze:

Clarice Starling said...

Why is your life so freaking awesome?

Magu said...

Heh, I try to make it so..

And am very lucky to be meeting amazing people on the way :)