Thursday, March 31, 2011


The day's been quite interesting and now I'm sitting in a cute house in the most charming little town I've been to so far.

I started off by taking a bus to Nerja from the bus station next to Plaza de la Marina (a one way ticket's 3,96e and it takes around 1h 15mins to reach). The journey itself is very pleasant thanks to the nice countryside you're going through. 
While on the bus stop, I've met P - a Norwegian on a 4 day holiday in Malaga and so didn't get to ponder about what to do in the following weeks, but had an interesting conversation and got to spruce up my French (yes, you got it right - a Pole on a bus in Spain talking to a Norwegian in French). Apparently, a person speaking many languages could make a lot of money in the real estate business (P has his own agency). Might there be a new career coming my way?

I reached Nerja just before noon and met wih a different P, my host for tonight. I got into his silver mobile house (have always wanted one!) and we drove off to Cantarrijan beach which is located in a beautiful Natural Park. The curvy and narrow road reminded me of one of the roads me and my parents had to take one scary evening somewhere on the Croatian coast. They were terrified then, from what I remember, and I was thirlled today. The beach is pebbly but is surrounded with green rocky hills, the water is very pristine (though surprisingly cold) and the sun's keeping you company at all times. So nice not to have to be going to SEA to get a nice beach-rocks-water combo!

Oh, have I mentioned it's a nudist beach?

After a bit of 101 with the sun we decided to go to P's place, and my home for the night, in a little town called Frigiliana. It's one of the Pueblos Blancos of Andalucia and I've fallen in love with it the moment we parked the car and started climbing numerous steps to reach P's house, as it is on the top of a hill. The place is so cute and charming I'm lost for words. I'd have nothing against spending the next couple of days here. Chilling, wandering the white streets full of flowers, reading a book on a bench overlooking rooftops of other houses, eating fresh avocado with whole grain bread for lunch.. That's what I call life, my friends!

Went for a short walk just before dinner and am about to walk some more as soon as I finish this post. So without more words, here's a bit of Frigiliana for you and by the time you watch this, I'll be off on a photo frenzy around the town.

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murrey said...

Yes, I would kind of like to go there...

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yes, i would love to go there.