Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fairytale wedding, the pool party

You might remember, my first task was welcoming the guest and later I was to hostess a pool party lunch thingy.
A and I got back home, quickly changed and 5 minutes later we were heading to the next venue. It looked amazing!

You were welcomed by a wall of water

to later see a pool, a lake and the beautifully decorated lunch tables.

Our job was mainly to see that everyone was having a good time and enjoying their food & drinks. I was pretty hungry by the time I got there, so tasted some of the great things they were serving and later started mingling with the guests. The weather was beautiful, people as well ;), the DJ was setting the mood and the picturesque surroundings were helping him out. Lunch was combined with a mehndi function but I did not get to have one done this time.
The main attraction was a performance of some African acrobats who came down there especially for the event. I must say the guys were incredible, unfortunately the audience wasn't really helping them out.

The guys warming up, plus a bit of the place for you to see.
(sorry for the shaky hand, but couldn't stop dancing to that kind of live music! :) )

All the aunties and uncles were seeking refugee under umbrellas, the younger crowd was downing one drink after another :) After most of the crowd had gone home to rest a bit and change for the sangeet, I went for a short dip in one of the pools

Some dancing with A
A & M & Y
grabbed some fruit and relaxed for a short while.

After a quarter of an hour of rest I had to rush back home and start preparing myself for the next function, the wonderful sangeet.

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