Friday, March 25, 2011

Something to think (dream) about

I've just been going through some travel blogs from a list entitled 'Most influential travel bloggers' and one of the authors mentions a list of 320 countries (or 'culturally and geographically distinctive places' more so, as the UN list mentions less than 200 countries per se) on this beautiful planet of ours.

It's a creation of Travelers' Century Club and blows your mind away. So many places in the furthest corners of Earth (well, ok - the planet doesn't literally have corners, but you know what I mean!) waiting to be seen, tasted and discovered! Of course travellers rarely travel to 'tick' a country off a list, but this kind of directory seriously moves your imagination..

If I were to make an honest list of TCC places I've visited, I'd name:

1) Austria  (Vienna really, rest of Austria still to see)
2) Bali (seen quite a few places, but missed some must-sees)
3) Belgium (now that's a country I can honestly say I've more or less seen :) )
4) Canada (I've been to a couple of main cities, seen some nature, marvelled at Niagara Falls etc. but it was 11 or 12 years ago and unfortunately I've lost many of those sights, my memory's not as great as I once thought)
5) Croatia (whenever I hear the name I have this fuzzy feeling inside - it's a place my parents and I went to 2 or 3 times when I was in my early teens and although I might not have too many clear memories about the cities or certain things we did, I have an amazingly strong emotional attachment to Croatia. I consider it a bit of a fairtyle land, as some of the most beautiful places I've seen as a child were seen along the Croatian coast or in its National Park. Haven't been there for about 12 years and have no idea how much of my promised land still exists in reality, but I definitely have to go back and experience it again)
6) Czech Republic (went beyond Prague but that's a city I haven't gotten enough of, haven't spent enough time in. Definitely a must-go-back-to place)
7) Egypt (only Cairo and although it was a very intense stay, it was way too short)
8) England (a couple of places visited but still wanting more)
9) France (not only Paris, but mostly. Hopefully I'll be more familiar with the south of France by the end of April :) )
10) Germany (a few cities seen, done Bayern quite extensively last year, wanting more of Berlin as I don't think I've seen the side of the city everyone's so in love with it. I haven't liked Berlin that much and feel my stay there hasn't given justiced to the place, so I plan on giving it another shot in the future)
11) India (I guess you already know about that adventure :) However, whenever someone asks me: "How is India?", I answer: "I don't know, I've only seen Bombay and only one of the many realities of the city". Going back to India is a very real and pending project - this time with a backpack and no hotels or restaurants...)
12) Indonesia (so many islands [like 17 000..] and so many of them I still want to see.. But I do think I managed to see quite a lot of the country and its people)
13) Ireland, Republic of (had an Irish summer a couple of years back but want to see a lot more than I already have)
14) Italy (maaany years ago and a definite must-go-back-to, as I remember it all too vaguely)
15) Java (didn't really like the places -> cities <- I've seen on the island but am sure it has much more to offer than the boring Solo [sorry M! :P], Yogja or Jakarta)
16) Lesser Sunda Islands (only Bali, Gilis and Lombok. Was supposed to island hop all the way to Timor but decided not in the end)
17) Luxembourg 
18) Malaysia (only KL)
19) Mallorca (see Balearic Islands) (my first and only package holiday destination; a week after coming back from the island I booked tickets to go back and actually see the place, which resulted in my first solo trip - an amazing experience that gave me the confidence to travel alone to much more remote places)
20) Monaco (seems like a previous life already..)
21) Netherlands (quite extensively but the city I'm missing is Amsterdam, believe it or not. Well, technically I have been there, but not really)
22) Poland (although I realise I don't know my own country well and a backpacking trip in here is one of the projects)
23) Slovakia (very recently at that)
24) Slovenia (same case as Italy)
25) Spain (just Madrid [looove it!], much more planned come Tuesday! ;))
26) Sweden (only Stockholm, one of the lovliest and most enchanting places I've seen)
27) Switzerland (same case as Slovenia and Italy)

So, if you ever get jealous and think "She's been to so many places, she travels so much" - think again! I've just been to 27 out of 320 places to see!  
That's not even 10% !!!  
8.4 to be exact..

Can't wait to reach the 10% :D


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gaurav bansal said...

This is super cool
I wish in couple of year i have my own simillar list.

PS: Till yet lost in career and India

Magu said...

But that's the thing - you need to watch out not to get too lost in it :)

You haven't travelled around yet?

gaurav bansal said...

Till yet I was lost in incredible India.

And a bit bussy in building up my career but now planning for a backpack soon......